About Me

About Me

Thank you for popping into my life. I hope you will enjoy my website, please browse around and drop me a line if you have any questions.

I was born in Prešov, a beautiful city located in the eastern part of Slovakia with its rich history and origins of settlement dating back to the Stone Age. My parents František Sabol and L’udmila Sabolova were both lawyers. My Father, František past away in 2003 and my Mother, L’udmila has since retired. My older sister, Victoria, has followed in our parents’ footsteps and is a lawyer in practice in Bratislava.

From age four I stared to do ballet and participated in gymnastics. I remember the excitement before any ballet exam, performance or competition to show my skills in front of an audience. I made my debut on the stage in the lead role of Susan, an operetta “Susans aren’t for sale” in Prešov Theatre of Jonas Zaborsky.

At age 14 we moved to Bratislava and after graduation from high school I enrolled for a degree in Drama at the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava where I studied from 2001 till 2005.

In 2006 I married my adorable husband Martin Bielovic, a photographer from Bratislava. Our daughter Rebeca was born in 2007. She is the love of my life and from all I do she always remains my first priority in life.

Something more about myself; I speak Slovak, English, French and Czech fluently. I am a chocoholic and love real home cooked meals and cakes.

When not filming, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking and baking, reading, walking our Jack Russell.

I would like to thank all my fans for being there when I am.

Lots of love and see you all soon,


Musicals and Theatre Performances Credits
  •   Musical: Susans are not for sale, Lead role Susan, 1992, Theatre of Jonas Zaborsky
  •   Performance: General, Lead role Giuliana, 2004, Radošina Naive Theatre
  •   Performance: Človečina (translated "Humanity"), Role Daughter, 2005, Radošina Naive Theatre
  •   Performance: Hra o láske (translated “About Love”), Different roles, 2005, Radošina Naive Theatre
  •   Performance: Popol a Vášeň (translated “Ash Passion”), Role Christina, 2006, Slovak National Theatre
  •   Performance: Večera (translated “Dinner”), Role Sain, 2008, Slovak National Theatre
Movies, TV, Series:
  •   Film: Luisa Sanfelice, Role Italian revolutionary, 2004
  •   TV Series: Medzi name (translated “Between friends“), Role Monika, 2004
  •   Film: Konečná stanica (translated “Terminus”), Role Lucia, 2005
  •   Film: Raňajky v tráve (translated “Breakfast in grass”), Role Girl, 2005, by painting of Édouard Manet, Breakfast in the grass”
  •   TV: Človečina (translated “Humanity”), Role Daughter, 2005
  •   Film: Close to heaven-Blízko nebe (translated “Close to heaven”), Role Mina, 2005
  •   Film Babylon, Role Afganian girl, 2007, Pregnant during shooting of this movie
  •   TV Series: Áno, miláčik (translated “Yes, darling”), Role Girlfriend, 2008
  •   Film: Les mrtvých (translated “Forest of dead”), Role Fantoša, 2008
  •   TV: Ako som prežil - Stratený syn (translated “Shouldn't be alive - Lost son”), Role Lucia, 2009
  •   TV: Nesmrteľní - Náramok (translated “Immortals –Bracelet”), Role Nina, 2010, a drama based on the Russian dramatist MJ Lermontov titled “Masquerade”
  •   TV Series: Pod povrchom (translated “Beneath the surface”), Role Danka, 2012
  •   TV: Pravdivé príbehy - Macocha, (translated “Real stories - Stepmother Macocha”), Role Stepmother/Macocha, 2013